A Proven Performance Shoe in Europe

As equestrian athletes, thousands of dollars are spent on horses, riding equipment, training and rider accessories. How much do you spend on the key area of your horses comfort and performance – the hoof.

Developed in and widely used in Europe, this innovative horseshoe technology provides the support of iron and
the benefits of synthetic. The cost compares to bar shoes or adding pads to iron shoes.

  • Shapable
  • Absorbs shock
  • Light as aluminium
  • Promotes circulation
  • Removable studs

Patented base material protects the hoof from impact, vibration and allows the natural flexion of the hoof. The contact wear points are made of another highly elastic, wear-resistant and shock-absorbent material much like a running shoe to provide added grip and durability.

8 pre-made nail holes have three adjustment slots tapered like the nail shaft for accurate nail placement.
Polyurethane toe and side clips run in dovetail grooves, to fit to the hoof and help relieve the clinchs of downward force and tension in the hoof horn.

Easywalker shoes come in 5 sizes and can be shaped to fit your horses front or hind hoof.

Corks can be added for performance horses.

Easywalker also comes with an integrated pad for endurance, winter and therapeutic applications.

ew_prod_einsThe more refined the sport, the more ingenious the clothing and equipment. Take the training shoe, for instance. Today, sport without synthetic material is almost unthinkable. From the ball to breathable clothing and life-protecting outfits of climbers and divers – an endless list with just one thing in common: everything is made of or refined with synthetic material. As is the easywalker…

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Shoe      easywalker

The lower part of the horse’s foot is equipped with joints that only allow for limited lateral movement. It is the task of the hoof, with its joint-like mechanism, to