img5These dry land training tools for home, office or the barn will help you improve balance, perform better and reduce the risk of injuries

Improve core stability, balance and awareness while you Sit on a Ball Chair at your desk, while you watch TV or incorporate it into a training program. We carry only Burst Resistant (BR) and the super tough DuraBall Pro for advanced users and strength training. These durable balls can also be used for horseplay and desensitization exercises ( keep ball very firm ).

Why Burst Resistant quality is important!
Burst Resistant balls are recommended for all environments because staples or other sharp items may unexpectedly pierce your ball. If you plan on lifting weights or standing on a ball we recommend the 1000 lb burst rated DuraBall Pro, in the best interest of our clients safety we discontinue selling standard rubber balls as they may burst like a balloon if punctured. Professional users should only use a high quality Burst Resistant or DuraBall Pro ball for their clients’ safety.

img7Improve your balance. . .
Increase your skill.

“As an exercise physiologist, I perform fitness, balance, posture, symmetry, and body awareness clinics for equestrians in the US and Canada with “rider specific” exercises that mimic the many motions required by the horse and rider…My clients include riders of all disciplines from the U.S. Pony Club to the United States Equestrian Team…I am very happy to say that I have improve riding performance with the aid of Fitter exercise products.” Daniel Stewart, Exercise Physiologist – EQUIS-TRAIN, CA USA

Sit on the ball in proper riding position with your feet on the floor. Anchor the toner on a post or in a door and hold as reins. Practice a posting rhythm on the ball. Let the ball bounce you up, and pause at the top of the movement before returning to the ball by squeezing and releasing with your legs. Alternative: Close your eyes, visualize your course, test or pattern while posting and applying leg yields.

Sit on the ball in the correct riding position. Take your feet off of the floor and tuck your lower leg up. Holding the anchored toner as reins, practice balancing without putting pressure on your “horse’s” mouth.


Keeping the proper position and maintaining your balance, try to rise in the same rhythm as in the beginning position.
* CAUTION: Move onto ADVANCED only after mastering basic skills.


img112 POINT
Seated on the ball, position yourself as in the balance drill. Once you are balanced, lean forward and bring your hips off the ball, keeping your back straight and looking forward. Slowly return to start position and repeat until you lose form. Advanced: Add posting!


Seated on the ball, assume the balance drill position (Advanced: try kneeling on the ball). With a partner use two toners linked together while holding the toner handles, play “tug-of-war”. Increase balance skills and reaction times.

Get on the Bongo Board with a small ball placed in between thighs. With a partner as the horse, use the toner handles as reins. Practice lateral shifts in weight without pulling on the toner. Improves smooth weight transfer skills. Advanced: Have your partner tug on the “reins” so that you have to work to recover your balance without pulling back.